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Année 2024

Année 2023

  • KALENINE, SOLENE - Visual context drives uncertainty-reduction and novelty-seeking exploration during action understanding. Comment on “An active inference model of hierarchical action understanding, learning, and imitation” by Riccardo Proietti, Giovanni Pezzulo and Alessia Tessari,  2023
  • Grisetto, Fanny  ;  Le Denmat, Pierre  ;  Delevoye, Yvonne  ;  Vantrepotte, Quentin  ;  Davin, Tanguy  ;  Dinca, Andreea  ;  Desenclos-El Ghoulti, Isabelle  ;  Roger, Clemence - Imbalanced weighting of proactive and reactive control as a marker of risk-taking propensity,  2023

Année 2022

  • Ducro, Claire  ;  Pham, Thierry - Convergent, Discriminant and Predictive Validity of Two Instruments to Assess Recidivism Risk Among Released Individuals Who Have Sexually Offended: The SORAG and the VRAG-R,  2022