Séminaire SCALab 18/11/2022

scalab Manifestations scientifiques Séminaire
Salle des colloques, Maison de la Recherche, Campus Pont de Bois, Université de Lille

Séminaire par Jorge Almeida (Portugal)

Title: Contentopic mapping and object dimensionality - a novel understanding on the organization of object knowledge


Our ability to recognize an object amongst many others is one of the most important features of the human mind. However, object recognition requires tremendous computational effort, as we need to solve a complex and recursive environment with ease and proficiency. This challenging feat is dependent on the implementation of an effective organization of knowledge in the brain. Here I put forth a novel understanding of how object knowledge is organized in the brain, by proposing that the organization of object knowledge follows key object-related dimensions, analogously to how sensory information is organized in the brain. Moreover, I will also put forth that this knowledge is topographically laid out in the cortical surface according to these object-related dimensions that code for different types of representational content – I call this contentotopic mapping. I will show a combination of fMRI and behavioral data to support these hypotheses and present a principled way to explore the multidimensionality of object processing.

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