Séminaire SCALab 07/12/2023

Salle des Colloques - Maison de la Recherche

Loïc Caroux Université de Toulouse invité par Dominique Knutsen (Equipe Langage)

Human Factors in Video Games: Understanding to Optimize Player-Video Game Interaction

Video games are now everywhere. They are used in most areas of human activity, by all populations, in a wide variety of contexts. This reinforces the need to take human factors into account when designing these systems. In this presentation, the aim will be to understand in particular how users' cognitive processes are engaged when interacting with video games, in order to optimize these interactions according to users' capabilities and expectations. I will discuss some important human factors concepts such as user experience (UX) and how they can be used in this entertainment context. In particular, I will present several experimental results concerning the influence of video game design choices on players' experience and performance, and more specifically on their attentional processes.

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