Seminar SCALab 06/06/2024

Salle des colloques, maison de la recherche, Campus pont de Bois

Professor Jessie Ricketts of the Royal Holloway university of London

Title: Reading in adolescence: What do we know and what can we do?


Despite a widespread assumption that children can read when they leave primary education,

nearly 20% of adolescents are not able to read simple texts accurately and with understanding. Most research on reading has focused on children and adults, neglecting the intervening adolescent period. In this presentation, I will present research on reading development in adolescence, exploring its link to spoken vocabulary knowledge, socio-economic status and the period when students transition from primary to secondary school. I will also introduce novel approaches to promoting reading in school. Findings will be discussed in relation to their implications for theory as well as educational practice and policy.

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