SCALab Seminar- J. Ramos-Loyo

18 Mar 2021 16:00 - 17:30

Seminar by Julieta Ramos-Loyo, Neurosciences Institute, Guadalajara, Mexico

Titre: Development and training of emotional recognition in children: behavioral and electrophysiological findings


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ID de réunion : 943 7040 5351
Code secret : 370676


The recognition of emotional expressions is essential to achieve emotional regulation and social development.  In a first experiment, we examined age and sex effects on behavioral measures and ERP components in children, using an oddball paradigm. In a second experiment, we aimed to identify the effects of training in the recognition of emotional expressions and social behavior in children in comparison to a training in identity recognition. For this purpose we evaluated emotional recognition in matching, memory and social context behavioral tasks. In addition, we used odd-ball tasks in order to measure ERP responses to emotional faces. Results showed differences across ages in behavioral and ERP measures. Children trained in emotional recognition improved performance in emotions recognition and social skills.

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